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Fueled by fun. Driven by purpose.

We’re a rather unconventional bunch because we aim to achive the seemingly impossible. We’re driven by “moonshot thinking”

When we set out to figure out how to locally manufacture high quality sunglasses, this was very much us attempting to reimagine the status quo. We chose not to live within the boundaries that somehow exist in our society, but rather to play with the boundaries. 

Relentlessly persisting to find perfection after dozens of iterations and setbacks, achieving our breakthrough of top notch sunnies was kinda like our moonshot, made even more radical by the fascinating use of plastic waste to create our fully locally made product. 

So it fit us perfectly well to call our work “Sunshot”, and we’re very much building a “Factory” with all of this initially prototyped and manufactured literally from our garage!
Welcome to Sunshot Factory. We’re so grateful to all our partners and friends for the journey so far, and are ever more excited to share this wonderful experience with all of you.
With much love & adventure. Have you got your sunshots yet?


Helping You Look Sharp

Let's Talk about Confidence

By choosing Sunshot pair of sunglasses that fits your personal style and taste, you can express yourself in a unique way and feel more confident in your own skin. Whether you prefer classic aviators, trendy cat-eye frames, or sporty wraparounds, there is a pair of sunglasses here that will make you feel great and boost your confidence.

Sunglasses boost confidence by enhancing appearance, protecting eyes, improving vision, and creating a sense of privacy. They can also reflect personal style and individuality.

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